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Nissan Gives Leaf a Spin on the Racetrack

Franklin-based Nissan North America is still trying to convince consumers that electric cars can be fun to drive. One way it’s doing that is by showing off a souped up version of the all-electric Leaf.

The Leaf Nismo RC looks a lot like a car you might see in a NASCAR race. But there’s no revving, roaring engine. In this Nissan video, the car sounds a lot like a jet airplane as it whooshes down a racetrack in Japan.

The RC has the same power train as a standard Leaf, but its speed comes from its weight, about a thousand pounds lighter than the street model.

However, the RC’s maximum is speed is just 100 miles an hour.

Peter Lyon is Japan editor at Motor Trend. He says the RC has plenty of torque and handles great, but it far from being a true race car.

“What the RC really needs is another 100 horsepower.”


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