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2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid and 2014 Fit EV help us see where the electric car market is going

Honda suddenly has both an electric car, the Fit EV, and a plug-in hybrid Honda Accord for sale. When operated as an electric the Accord has an EPA estimated miles per gallon equivalent of 115 mpge. The Honda Fit EV, which looks like an escape pod for an Accord, gets 118 mpge. For that extra 3 mpge the Fit had better come with some serious economic and green-credibility advantages. Otherwise, what’s the point? Let’s take a look at both of these vehicles and see what the world of over 100 miles per gallon (equivalent) is all about. Maybe by comparing the two we will gain some insight into where the green automotive marketplace might be headed.

For many years Honda was a fuel economy icon. The company was thought of by customers as a car company that supplied fuel efficient cars. Then someone moved Honda’s cheese. All of a sudden everyone was a fuel economy leader. Toyota certainly, Ford definitely, Hyundai falsely(?), and many others arguably. So what did Honda stand for if not fuel economy? Honda always prided itself as being a motor company. Indeed Honda had excellent motors. However, with the Passat leading the way with a powerful 2.0 turbocharged, direct injected motor, all of a sudden everyone else had good motors too. Honda was late to the direct injection party which brought better economy and power. Honda was very late to the transmission party too. Only this year has Honda offered a CVT, something Nissan has done for so long we grew tired of disliking it. And Honda’s automatic transmissions seem to be lacking a cog or two compared with many automatic slushboxes. Forget about a dual clutch transmission. Honda isn’t going there.



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