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2013 Nissan LEAF Rated at 75 Miles Of Range, Now At Dealerships

2013 Nissan LEAF (starting at $28,800) Now Available At Dealerships
Thanks to US-made Nissan LEAFs actually arriving at dealerships, we can tell you that the 2013 Nissan LEAF (via the car’s Monroney sticker) has been rated by at 75 miles of range. Also of note the combined MPG equivalent is rated at 116 miles, with 130 MPGe city/102 highway.

Nissan Hopes New Features And Pricing Increase Sales By At Least 20% in 2013
Some consumers had expected the increase to be much larger over the outgoing 2012 model, especially given the previous 14% range increase in Japan that was announced late last year. (using the Japanese JC08 standard, the 2013 LEAF range moved to 228 km from 200 the year prior)

However, Nissan executives in the US had already warned us (before the EPA results were known) that new range figure would not be a significant jump, due to the testing procedures in place.

As a point of reference, the 2012 Nissan LEAF was rated at 73miles of range, with a efficiency rating of 106 city/92 highway (99 MPGe combined)


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