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2013 Nissan Leaf Gets New Energy-Efficient Bose Stereo: Chicago Auto Show

Electric car owners coming out of winter will know just how much of a drain a car’s accessories can put on their range.

That makes energy-efficient accessories like the Bose Energy Efficient Series audio system available with the 2013 Nissan Leaf an easy option to understand.

With no engine roar to contend with, the Nissan Leaf could actually be an ideal environment in which to enjoy your music, but it wouldn’t quite be as enjoyable if it curtailed your car’s range.

As a result, Bose developed a system that uses only half the electrical current of a typical system, as well as being smaller and lighter. Despite this, Bose has worked hard to maintain audio quality in the Leaf’s quiet interior.

For extra bass, there’s even a 4.5-inch woofer in a 6.2-liter bassbox mounted in a small space in the Leaf’s cargo area. Six lightweight speakers are mounted throughout the cabin, while 1-inch tweeters in each A-pillar deliver higher-range sounds. A low-power, cooler-running amplifier sits at the heart of the sound system.



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