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Wireless charging, augmented reality to go mainstream

The largest chip maker in the world, Intel Corporation, foresee wireless charging and augmented reality weaving their way into mainstream technology this year, further transforming the way people and devices interact.

Santosh Vishwanathan, the chief representative of Intel Indonesia, said that “new experiences” will start coming into the market this year thanks to advancements in software and hardware.

The first, he said, was wireless charging, or the ability to charge the batteries of mobile devices sans electrical cord.

“We will see wireless charging sooner or later,” he said.

Wireless charging involves the transmission of electric power through the air into a device that will charge up the gadgets.

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has introduced this concept in its Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 in which users can charge up simply by laying the devices on a charging plate.

Viswanathan said, however, the current method of wireless charging still required these charging docks to be connected to an electrical outlet.

In the near future, he said, charging could be done without any cords involved, saving people from having to bring extra cords or batteries when on the go.

“We are talking about pure wireless charging of devices without wires connected,” he said.

Besides wireless charging technology, batteries would become increasingly compact, he said.


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