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Why Tesla Motors Electric Vehicles Are So Great

How come Tesla Motors with their laptop batteries give better range and better results than mainstream carmakers? The answer is in design philosophy.

Have you ever wondered how Tesla Motors manages to build electric vehicles, EV that so far have had no serious battery pack flaws, whereas others have been plagued with problems? Worse yet, how come Tesla Motors with their generic, commoditized laptop lithium batteries can achieve greater range when carmakers with highly developed and tweaked automotive lithium batteries have been plagued with problems? The answer is simple, take on battery security yourself and let battery makers do what they do best, mass-produce laptop batteries.

AC Propulsion A the Heart of The Design Philosophy. It’s a chicken and the egg problem but if we are to go back in EV history, say 2005 – 2006, we find the grandfather of all electric vehicles, AC Propulsion toying around with a blistering fast electric rocket, the t-zero. This catches the attention of Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk who reach out to AC Propulsion asking them to manufacture the EV. When they are told no, they decide to make one on their own. Thus the Roadster was born, but it was borne out of the same t-zero philosophy, off the shelf laptop batteries.


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