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What Are Some Mind Blowing Facts About Tesla Motors?

Tesla Motors is the second oldest publicly listed American Automaker (behind Ford).

GM went bankrupt – and now, its stock is only four months younger than TSLA. Also, Chrysler is not publicly listed. It went bankrupt as well. Chrysler, however, is still a private company.

Tesla Motors’ stock is the third most shorted on American stock exchanges: 52.9% shares of float.
It has been this high historically – yet it is up from $19 (IPO Price) to $34.78 (as of 1.17.2013). That means gains of around 81% since it opened, and it’s reached a high of $39.95.

Tesla Motors is an automaker based in Silicon Valley – in California. Far away from Detroit, Michigan.
This would initially be very troubling because they don’t have access to the same resources that Detroit based corporations do – but then again, Tesla is trying to do everything differently.

Tesla Motors is currently run by Elon Musk – soon to be the second man in Silicon Valley to have taken three companies to >$1 billion valuations.
Those would be Paypal (X2), Tesla Motors, and SpaceX.
(Mr. Musk is also the chairman of Solarcity, another company that is taking a Tesla.



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