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USA: Virginia governor proposes fee for hybrids, electric cars

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has proposed an increase in sales tax and a $100 annual fee for plug-in and hybrid cars in lieu of a gasoline tax, Ingram writes.

By Antony Ingram, Guest blogger / January 22, 2013

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell addresses a joint session of the 2013 Virginia General Assembly in Richmond, Va., in this January 2013 photo. Rather than raise the state’s gasoline tax in line with inflation, McDonnell wants to scrap it entirely, Ingram writes, levying fees on drivers of hybrids and electric cars to cover the deficit.

Steve Helber/AP/File
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Nobody particularly likes taxes, but as they go, gas tax is at least generally fair in how it’s applied. The more gas you use, the more you pay. Use less, or none at all, and you pay less–or nothing.


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