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USA: Sustainable Saratoga to host Comprehensive Plan forum

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Sustainable Saratoga invites residents to share sustainable ideas at a community forum regarding the revision of the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan will determine the community’s approach to growth and development, addressing issues such as land use, transportation, energy, open space and housing.

Sustainable Saratoga, a nonprofit organization that promotes economic and environmentally sustainable practices in Saratoga Springs, hopes that ideas collected at this forum will influence the professional consultants commissioned by the City Council to update the existing Comprehensive Plan.

The city’s charter states that the Comprehensive Plan should be reviewed and potentially revised every five years. Saratoga Springs’ current Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2001.

“We want to hear what resonates with Saratoga citizens and determine Saratoga’s priorities,” said Rayna Caldwell, chairwoman of Sustainable Saratoga, adding that they are prepared to pass on ideas shared at the forum to the Comprehensive Plan Committee — which will be made up of 15 members of the community — and hired consultants.

The forum, set for Thursday, will begin with a brief presentation on the city of Albany’s new sustainable Comprehensive Plan “Albany 2030,” which has been regarded as an exemplary sustainable plan. The director of planning and director of energy and sustainability for the city of Albany, Douglas Melnick, will explain how Albany used a “systems approach” to leverage collaboration between separate community components such as land use, economics and transportation. Caldwell said she hopes “we learn what sustainable features were included in Albany 2030 and how to achieve them.”


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