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USA: Summary of Nissan LEAF Town Hall Meeting on 1/8/2013

I attended the meeting. It was videotaped and they said they’ll post it up somewhere, maybe on YouTube?

I was totally unimpressed and underwhelmed about the productiveness of the meeting. I think it was just all for show, to give the appearance that they listen and care. But the proof is in the pudding that their 9 bar warranty does not remedy anything at all for the hot climate owners, showing that they couldn’t care less about a real and effective solution that will work for hot climate owners.

Nothing new was really divulged from Nissan and no new commitment was made, not that I expected much to begin with anyway. Andy did vow to release the battery pricing at some point, although not exactly when.

Many people expressed that they don’t care about the “bar” warranty because it’s too fuzzy and inaccurate. They want to see a range warranty instead in terms of miles driven on a charge. Even if Nissan listens and translates the 9 bar warranty into “mile range” warranty, it’s still a very lame warranty in my opinion no matter how you dice it, in bars or mile range.


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