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USA: Region to Get 100 New Electric Car Charging Stations

In July, Bibb County got its first electric car charging station, making its debut in front of the Bibb County Courthouse in Downtown Macon.

Now, a new grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will allow the Middle Georgia Clear Air Coalition to move forward with installing 100 more all across the Central Georgia region.

“You build it and they will come,” says Bibb County spokesman Kevin Barrere, who says he’s seen some people using the current charger. “We know it’s out there, it’s a new technology and we kind of want to be on the leading edge, instead of trying to catch up.

Middle Georgia Clean Air says by adding more spots across the region, the added infrastructure will encourage more to get electric cars. “It’s kind of like the chicken and egg,” says Charise Stephens. “You have to have the infrastructure in place so you can support the vehicles.”

Middle Georgia is receiving around $750,000 of the Energy Department’s $100 million nationwide total. Each of the 100 units costs around $8,000, including an allowance for drivers to charge their cars for free.


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