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USA: No increased fees on electric cars

Remember when using less gasoline was a good thing, cars using none at all deemed better still?

This was a blow for energy independence and stretching out a finite resource, important even in oil- and gas-rich states such as Texas. Less gas used led to more breathable air and less global warming.

And good for individual pocketbooks because drivers who consumed less gas paid less of that 38.4 cents per gallon in state and federal gas taxes — drivers of fully electric cars paying none of this at all.

But electric cars are prompting a reassessment. The Texas Tribune reports that increasing registration fees for these cars is being considered.

The argument is that, though drivers of these cars pay no gas tax, their vehicles contribute to the wear on Texas roadways whose maintenance and construction depend on this revenue. Vehicle registration fees go exclusively to transportation funding.

The key flaw in the argument for increased fees on electric cars is that the state and the nation should still be providing incentives toward less gas usage.

And, at the moment, it stands to reason that the amount of wear and tear these electric cars inflict on Texas roads is negligible, comparatively speaking.

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