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USA: January EAASV meeting, speaker


Bluewater Tech Talk meeting room inside Google Building1220 at 1220 Charleston Rd. Mountain View, CA

* Guest Speaker: Heidi Lubin, CEO, HEVT (

>> Note: Registration is required at the door. Please RSVP to help Grant @ Google print as many badges in advance as possible. << HEVTs motor technologies leverage smart software with optimally designed hardware to empower the next generation of electric motors. With lower initial and total cost of ownership, their motors make performance leaps with superior reliability and reduced cost volatility due to the combination of innovative hardware and software design, and do not require the use of rare earth metals. HEVT is the winner of the 2012 Clean Tech Open prize. Their patented switched reluctance motors (SRMs) provide high-performance alternatives to induction and permanent magnet motor/generators with increased reliability and disruptive cost benefits. Heidi will talk about their technology, application to electric transportation, and general company business plans. This month Google will be hosting the event. Google Building 1220 Charleston Rd. Mountain View, CA. Charging - There are 8 J1772 charging ports at this building, and 12 more at buildings across the street. Bring your ChargePoint card to activate on day of meeting. More


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