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USA: Employer to subsidize electric cars

WILLIAMSBURG โ€“ While Gov. Bob McDonnell wants the General Assembly to approve fees for owners of hybrids and electric cars because they don’t pay as much in fuel taxes, one local company is offering to pick up the lease costs of an electric car for employees.

McDonnell’s proposed $100 annual fee for alternate fuel vehicles is one of the most controversial parts of his transportation initiative, which gets rid of the gas tax and raises the sales tax to direct more money to road construction.

That makes Tuesday’s announcement from DataXstream LLC particularly timely.
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DataXstream, a software consulting and integration firm headquartered in Williamsburg, rolled out a plan to encourage employees to embrace green technology by paying the initial state fees to lease a new electric vehicle for three years. As well as a green initiative, the company says it’s a way to reward employees..

The company also will reimburse employees for all taxes and fees to register the vehicle, provide a sufficient electronic charging infrastructure at its regional offices, and pay for the installation of a Voltec 240V charger at the employee’s home.

The program is championed by DataXstream CEO Tim Yates.

“This incentive program allows the company to compensate our employees for their hard work and provides us the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint,” Yates said in announcing the program. “It is truly a win-win situation.”


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