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USA: Drivers Now Have Quick-Charge Coverage From Washington To California

Anyone recently wanting to drive their electric vehicle from Washington to California may have been adding a few extra days to their travel to ensure enough time to charge their cars up to full capacity. However, five new quick-charge stations installed along the interstate system now give EV drivers the opportunity to charge up in 30 minutes or less.
West Coast Electric Highway

West Coast Electric Highway
Image Source: West Coast Green Highway

These new quick-charge stations complete the Oregon portion of the West Coast Electric Highway with five new locations:

Southeast Portland Burgeville
Woodburn Elmer’s Restaurant
Clackamas Town Center
Wilsonville Town Center
Shari’s Restaurant in Keizer

The West Coat Electric Highway connects British Columbia to Baja, California along the I-5 corridor. When fully completed, the Highway will span 1,300 miles and have public quick-charge stations every 25 to 60 miles.

These five latest charging stations added to the Highway were installed as part of a pilot program led by Portland General Electric (PGE) in an effort to complete the Highway in Oregon, and used Blink DC Fast Chargers manufactured by ECOtality.

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