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Tesla Model S Wagon Rendered

Automakers learned early on that one of the easiest ways to make more money was to take an existing car, and alter it into something else. That’s how we got Model T trucks, the Chevy El Camino, and the seemingly endless variants of the Chrysler K Car. So it only makes sense that Tesla Motors should follow suit with its Model S sedan, and one independent designer has penned a Model S wagon that he thinks would fit the Tesla lineup well.

While the Tesla Model S already has ample storage room (and even two optional rear-facing jump seats in the trunk), a wagon version might appeal to larger families, and those who regularly haul a lot of stuff. Granted, Tesla is already working on the SUV-like Model X, but a Model S wagon could be a big selling point for some folks. Plus, Tesla could charge extra for it, lining their pockets with more profit. That was probably the plan for the Fisker Karma Surf, a plug-in hybrid wagon/shooting brake that we’ll probably never get to see. A Tesla Model S wagon stands a much better chance of being built these days.


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