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Tesla Model S Pushing Cars to Go Greener

Once upon a time, electric-powered cars were deemed bland and uninspiring by car enthusiasts. To make matters worse, they often suffered from very short driving ranges due to quick battery depletion. The arrival of the Tesla Model S seeks to put an end to most of the previous complaints about electric cars. Even the die-hard fans of gas-powered cars must appreciate the breakthrough development of the Tesla Model S. Not only is the elegant sedan amazingly frugal, it also packs quite a punch under throttle. The available amenities are second to none in today’s premium car segment. This is the vehicle that may push other car makers to leap forward with their own ground-breaking electric vehicle. Auto innovation at its finest.

The environmental-friendly sedan dazzles without emitting any of the detrimental exhaust gases. There are four trims to choose from: Base, Performance, Signature, and Signature Performance. Each trim can be equipped with a choice of three different batteries. The 40 kWh batteries get around 160 miles per charge. The 60 kWh battery pack increases the range to 230 miles. The 85 kWh battery pack maximizes the range to an impressive 300 miles. Charging the battery pack in the base Tesla Model S is a piece of cake. Charging can be done at home with a simple 110-volt outlet. Tesla is also developing special chargers that allow the vehicle to be fully energized in a only 30 minutes.

Many feared that electric cars would never be able to deliver an engaging driving dynamic. However, the Tesla Model S has put a sudden hush to those critics. Even the entry-level version is deceptively quick for a vehicle of its kind. It is able to zip to (0-60) in the mid-six second time range. From the moment that accelerator is pressed, there is an instantaneous rush of torque. The top trim model delivers blistering fast acceleration. With a (0-60) time in the mid-four second range, it is among the fastest luxury sedans to hit the streets. Going green has never been this much fun.


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