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Spring Smart Electrics, San Francisco MTA slows Car2Go

I spoke briefly with Smart USA public relations this morning, and the new Smart Electric is still expected to arrive in the spring. This small electric vehicle is ideal for inner-city transport with its zero emissions, quick electric-drive acceleration, and tiny size for parking. The battery range is 68 miles, and it fully recharges in 6 hours with a 240v charger. The price tag is $25,000 before any tax credits, so it will be the lowest priced electric vehicle on the market when it arrives.

In San Francisco, the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) had talked with the car sharing company Car2Go about operating the Smart Car service in the city, but the MTA had concerns over parking issues the company required. Therefore, the car sharing company remains in limbo as to its service in San Francisco. Car2Go has been successful in introducing the Smart Electric and car sharing services in various cities in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Car2Go has the ultimate goal of being a worldwide car sharing service.


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