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Ringing in 2013 With the i3 and i8: BMW Celebrates With its Newest Electric Car

Welcoming in the holidays with their recent contribution to the world of plugin electric vehicles, BMW reminded the media they were one of the pioneers of electric vehicles (EV) and they had been building electric cars for the past four decades. Wired’s Damon Lavrinc pointed out most of the EVs produced (the first in 1962) didn’t run well and were hardly worth anyone’s time. The Mini E and Active E were the first running electrics that functioned up to speed with a gas-fueled car, but those models were only available under high-priced leases, which no one was going to take a gamble with.

Yes, BMW did pioneer the electric car, but does that count when you can’t actually afford to drive it? Most Americans have held alternative energy vehicles to be too wild of a concept to actually happen until BMWs recent success with the i3 series and release of the i8 plugin hybrid sports car. Some BMW fans, like Zac Estrada, of, says that while the newer coupe and energy saving vehicles are cool to look at and are better for the environment, for driving performance, the older you go, the better a BMW is at doing what they were built to do: drive.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Estrada was reminiscing back to the days when the E9 was a coupe that was impressive in appearance as well as in performance. He also mentions a 1987 L6 coupe’s design took a turn towards luxury design without losing its juice from the 70s. Moving from the 6-series of the 1970s to the 8-Series, Estrada points out while the 840Ci was heavy and too expensive, it still had its niche of followers who found the coupe to share similarities with the attractive E24 coupe. The price point for a ’95 840Ci is quite nice too, for only $9,000 you can get a decent certified pre-owned BMW. If you’re in need of more speed, BMW’s 850CSi packs 282 horsepower and has a hardcore V8. While Estrada makes no mention of whether these cars cut down on CO2 emissions in the course of their production and driving life, he is looking at the appearance and performance perspective of the BMW, more than making a judgment on a vehicles value based on its carbon footprint.

i3 and i8 Special Features

Produced in a plant in Leipzig charged by a wind farm for power, the i series will be BMWs first completely sustainable and eco-friendly vehicle. Driven to change the way the world views plugins and alternative energy vehicles, BMW is making it their goal to halve their CO2 emission by 2020. Since they’ve cornered the market on electric vehicles since the 70s, this goal is more within their reach. Confident that alternative energy vehicles will perform as well as other gas fueled cars on the road, BMW believes the i3 and i8 will make their mark in 2013 as the energy efficient cars of the year.


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