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RILA Releases Sustainable Product Transportation Brief

The Retail Industry Leaders Association issued the following news release:

Today, the Retail Industry Leaders Association released a report outlining the breadth of retail strategies used to reduce the environmental impact of product transportation. The two-page white paper was developed from a recent survey of RILA members, and describes how retailers are implementing sustainable transportation programs in their business operations.

“Today’s customers expect stores to carry a wide range of products, which are manufactured in all parts of the world. Product transportation, therefore, is a critical part of the retail equation. Now, more than ever, retail companies are seeking to measure, track, report and address the impacts that their transportation operations have on the environment,” said Adam Siegel, vice president of sustainability & retail operations for RILA.

Retailers use a variety of strategies to address transportation environmental impacts, ranging from carrier engagement to deploying fuel efficient technologies and processes to partnerships and collaboration. Some ways in which companies deploy programs and implement sustainable practices include:

* Encourage retail’s contracted carriers to participate in EPA SmartWay, the Coalition for Responsible Transportation, or other organizations.

* Establish route optimization technologies to minimize miles traveled.

* Maximize trailer loads to reduce the number of outbound trips.

* Implement “no idling” policies to minimize fuel use during loading and unloading.

* Install hybrid fuel-electric engines that are more efficient than their conventional counterparts.

“EPA supports the retail sector’s efforts in integrating sustainable goods movement into their business models. Leading retailers are using the SmartWay Transport Partnership to assess their supply chain fuel efficiency and emissions footprint while also working directly with their service providers to incentivize and encourage freight sustainability. Their joint efforts are helping industry to reduce costs, while enhancing energy security and reducing emissions,” said Cheryl L. Bynum, director, EPA SmartWay & Supply Chain Programs Center.

The brief can be viewed here( ).

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