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Nissan Leaf car owners complain about battery wearing down prematurely and company responds

They bought cars thinking they would save money and become less dependent on foreign oil.

But some Nissan Leaf owners tell the ABC15 Investigators, the all-battery car, has a battery that wears down much more quickly than the automaker claimed.

Ads for the 2013 Leaf model state that the vehicle can get the equivalent of 106 miles per gallon.

Owner Randy Miller says he gets many less miles than he thought per battery charge. He says he was promised 100 miles. After just 15 months, he says he gets 67.3 miles per charge.

Owner John Noble says he was promised his battery would have 80% life after five years. But he says it’s already down 30% after 10 months.

The ABC15 Investigators talked with three Valley owners who all say they can’t drive where they want, because of battery issues.

And they say that Nissan had done little to help. With a price tag of around $30,000, upset owners wanted action.

Miller started a complaint website,

A class action lawsuit claims Nissan made “misleading representations and omissions regarding the Leaf’s battery capacity and mileage.”

Owners blame the heat from the desert sun and say Nissan miscalculated that.


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