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Naperville officials consider more charging stations, LED lights

Naperville may add electric vehicle charging stations, citywide LED lights and a centralized collection center for hazardous waste and recyclables to its five-year capital plans.

City councilmen discussed the $289.4 million in projects, including $46 million in fiscal year 2014, which begins May 1,during a capital budget workshop on Monday.

City departments proposed a handful of new projects for the five-year plan. Transportation Engineering and Development is calling for four to six electric vehicle charging stations in public parking decks and lots in fiscal year 2015 at a total cost of about $62,000.
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TED Director Bill Novack said the station at the Van Buren parking lot has been used 161 times between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 and “requests have been flying in” for more stations.

Motorists can use the current station for free, but Councilmen Doug Krause and Grant Wehrli both said the city will need to charge for the power to recoup its costs.

“I’m all in favor of putting them in, but they should be at least cost neutral to taxpayers and residents,” Wehrli said.

Councilman Steve Chirico asked whether the stations could be installed sooner, given the demand, and Novack said he would look into it.

New requests from the Public Works Department include replacing all 11,024 street lights in Naperville with LED lights that Director Dick Dublinski said would last about 50,000 hours at full strength, compared with the current lights that last 10,000 hours.

“It provides better visibility, public safety,” he said. “It has more uniform lighting distribution.”


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