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Infiniti: Global Shapers Help Launch Nissan LEAF Taxi Service in Zurich

New Delhi, Jan. 25 — Zurich in Switzerland is the latest city to start operating a zero-emission taxi fleet.

Following in the tire tracks of Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, Zurich will soon have a fleet of pure electric Nissan LEAF taxis offering rides around Switzerland’s largest city.

Appropriately wrapped in an eye-popping bright green color, the electric taxis will all be powered using green energy. The fleet will use strategically placed fast chargers using 100 percent renewable energy from the Swiss national grid.

Initially, ten Nissan LEAFs will be used as taxis in the city with a further ten joining the scheme by mid-2013. By 2015, it is envisaged that 15 per cent of the Zurich taxi fleet will be electric and that the city will boast an extensive network of fast chargers, which can replenish a depleted battery from 30 to 80 percent capacity in just 15 minutes.

As well as reducing CO2 emissions within the taxi sector, the aim of the green fleet is to demonstrate that electric vehicles are already a viable, clean alternative to conventional cars and to promote the concept of zero-emission mobility for personal transport.

The Zurich Green Taxi Initiative has been pioneered by a group of young Swiss leaders who are all part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community. Shapers are aged between 20 and 30 and all have a desire to serve society and improve local communities. The Zurich scheme was launched on Friday by Nissan Europe and Global Shapers at the Zurich hub during the annual World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.


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