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Indy Plans Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) announced today that IPL will purchase and install electric vehicle charging stations for three City vehicle fleet locations as a partner in the Mayor’s initiative to transform the City’s vehicle fleet to post-oil alternatives by 2025.

Through this partnership, IPL will install 26 dedicated charging stations to accommodate non-emergency electric/hybrid plug-in vehicles that are slated to become a part of the City’s proposed new fleet.

“IPL’s participation in our electric vehicle initiative is crucial to our plan to transition away from foreign-oil dependence and save about $12,000 over the life of each city vehicle,” said Mayor Ballard. “The gift of these charging stations from IPL means we can start upgrading our fleet as soon as possible.”

IPL plans to install the charging stations in early spring. The charging stations will be installed at City locations at 1200 Madison Avenue, the City-County Building and the Julia Carson Center.

The City’s electric vehicles will charge during low energy-usage times, and by taking advantage of IPL’s peak electric-vehicle charging rate, an all-electric vehicle will be able to drive approximately 100 miles for about $1. The units are Level 2 chargers, which reduce charging time to about one-half that of a standard 110-volt outlet.

“IPL is proud to partner with the City of Indianapolis as it works to transition a portion of its fleet to electric hybrid vehicles,” said IPL CEO Ken Zagzebski. “This partnership is another example of IPL’s commitment to remaining a community leader in Indianapolis, and we look forward to providing innovative infrastructure solutions that will support the City’s vision.”


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