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How Electric Vehicles Could Gain From Open Sourcing

Can carmakers learn from the open source industry? Yes, if they build a strong business model around it and throw away discarded business practices.

When we think of open source, we think of difficult to install UNIX and Linux systems. However, the open source movement has a great advantage over closed source products, millions of coders work independently for free to better products and grow the list of functioning devices. Could this help the electric vehicle industry with its myriad of new technology an old car industry might not be best suited for? You bet, but only with a rock solid and bullet proof business model.

Open Source To Lower Costs. When we think of cars, open source is not the first thing that pops in minds. After all, the auto industry is closed source, each manufacturer jealously safeguarding their products from others. However, a closer look at some of the successful business models built around the Open Source movement could prove helpful. Companies such as Red Hat have made a reputation for themselves selling open source software only charging for maintenance and tweaking codes.


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