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Green Fleet Roundup: CHAdeMO, Peugeot Air Car, BMW and Toyota, BYD

The number of global electric vehicle charging stations that use the CHAdeMO standard has doubled in the past year to more than 2,000 units, and will continue to grow, according to the CHAdeMO Association. Last year the number of stations in the US alone grew from just 12 to 154. The association expect there to be 4,000 units in operation worldwide by the end of 2013.

PSA Peugeot Citroën is developing technology that would power a car through a combination of gasoline and compressed air storage. The first “Hybrid Air” cars will have fuel consumption of 2.9 l/100 km, offering a 90 percent increase in range in comparison with conventional engines. The technology will be fitted on certain models starting in 2016, the company says.

BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation have signed agreements aimed at long-term collaboration for the joint development of a fuel cell system, architecture and components for a sports vehicle, lightweight technologies and a “post-lithium” lithium-air battery. The companies says they are convinced that fuel cell technology is one of the solutions necessary to achieve zero emissions. The system will use a fuel cell stack, a hydrogen tank, motor and battery. The companies are aiming for the project to be completed in 2020.

BYD has delivered 500 pure-electric, e6 police vehicles to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau. The BYD e6 can reach speeds of over 87 mph with a range of 187 miles. The virtually silent engine of the BYD e6 is beneficial to police as they perform daily patrols and law enforcement activities in Shenzhen, BYD says. In addition to police vehicles, BYD has deployed over 300 all-electric, e6 taxis which have been in service in Shenzhen for the last several years.

Norbert Dentressangle and Mitsubishi Electric Europe have introduced a diesel/electric hybrid vehicle (pictured) to Mitsubishi’s dedicated distribution fleet. Norbert Dentressangle is responsible for the distribution of products, including large industrial air conditioning units, Ecodan heating systems, spare parts and instruction manuals, to MEU-UK’s customers throughout the UK and Ireland.


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