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Europe: Enel Announces EV Charging Station Project

The first public charging station for electric vehicles in Bari and in all of southern Italy has gone into operation. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Michele Emiliano, the Mayor of Bari, Marco Lacarra, Director of Public Works, Antonio De Caro, town councillor in charge of sustainable mobility, and Livio Gallo, Enel’s Director of Infrastructure and Networks Division.

Enel reports this is the first public charging station in a distribution network comprised of 50 of the company’s charging points for electric vehicles (EV), “located in key areas throughout the city, chosen in conjunction with the Bari municipal government based on an careful analysis of the area and its traffic flows.”

Enel plans to install the 50 charging stations in two phases. The first involves the installation of 24 infrastructures at 12 sites. After, Enel will complete its charging network by installing 26 more infrastructures at 13 key locations in the City.

The technological innovation in Enel’s charging systems is based on public and residential charging devices equipped with an electronic meter, and on a remote management system that gives EV owners advanced services and the option of easily recharging their vehicles.


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