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Despite AZ Woes, Most Nissan Leaf Batteries Fine, Survey Shows

Last summer wasn’t easy for Nissan or its electric car, the Leaf.

A spate of owners in Arizona discovered they were quickly losing battery capacity, far earlier than Nissan suggested it might happen–the hot climate was playing havoc with battery life.

Luckily for worried Leaf owners, those ‘wilting Leafs’ were the exception, rather than the rule. A new survey from Plug In America reveals that the majority of Leaf owners have lost very little capacity–if any.

Plug In America’s independent Leaf battery survey collected data from 240 Leafs in 25 states, 2 Canadian provinces, and the UK. Cumulative mileage over the cars surveyed is almost 3.2 million miles.

While that’s still a small proportion of total worldwide Leaf sales, the survey still provides an interesting insight into how quickly Leafs are losing capacity.

Most owners still at “twelve bars”

Generally, statistics coming from the report are positive.

There are 12 battery capacity bars shown on the Leaf’s display, and almost 91 percent of those surveyed hadn’t lost a single bar. Just over six percent have lost only one bar, the remaining owners down to ten bars.

In addition, over half of the owners think their total range is still about the same it was when new. A tenth of those questioned had lost over ten miles, with the remainder split between those who’d lost only a little, and those who’d lost between 5-10 miles–though 1.3 percent actually suspected range had increased!


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