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Colorado County Now Requires Electric Vehicle Wiring

In an action that became effective on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013, the Boulder County Board of Commissioners adopted the most recent—and progressive–building codes for energy efficiency and added requirements that all new homes be wired for electric vehicles and solar panels.

The added requirement for electric vehicle pre-wire makes Boulder County one of the few jurisdictions in the nation–and first in the southwest–to require that garages associated with new homes, duplexes and townhouses come with either 240-volt electric vehicle charging units or the wiring or conduit needed for easy installation of the charging units later on.

“It’s a good example of leadership on the part of the community,” said Mike Salisbury, Transportation Program Associate at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project and an advocate to the County for the amendment.

“Pre-wiring for electric vehicles as part of new construction can save the average homeowner $1,000 over the cost of a retrofit outlet for a plug-in vehicle.”

The new codes also have an added requirement that builders either install solar panels for generating electricity or heating water or the wiring and/or conduit for future solar installations.


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