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Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Statistics

elcome to Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Statistics
Focusing on the latest developments in California’s clean vehicle market.

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Statistics offers interactive access to data and analyses of information culled from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), funded by the California Air Resources Board. As the CVRP project administrator, CCSE promotes the production and use of clean vehicles through rebates, marketing, outreach and education.

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Statistics leverages the rebate program database to provide a wide spectrum of information about the adoption and use of clean vehicles in California. Not all clean vehicles sold in California will be captured in the CVRP database as not every clean vehicle owner applies for a CVRP rebate nor is every clean vehicle eligible for the CVRP rebate. In addition to key statistics about CVRP, this site offers program data available for download. Questions? Contact

Please note that the Chevy Volt was not eligible for the CVRP until February 2012. Approximately 2,300 Chevy Volt’s were sold in California before the Volt became eligible for the CVRP and, therefore, these vehicles are not reflected in the CVRP database.


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