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CarCharging Expands Its Charging Stations In California

CarCharging is strategically expanding its footprint in the US. The latest Alameda, CA expansion shows how strategic the move is.

CarCharging Group Expands. CarCharging, a nationwide provider part of the Car Charging Group, Inc. is continuing its electric vehicle (EV) charging services with another strategic EV charging service location, the Harbor Bay Business Park in Alameda, California through its partnership with Broadway Management. Why is this important? As more businesses, hotels and restaurants hail to the world: “We are here and we have charging stations!” This sends a comforting message to EV owners telling them it’s possible to drive away from homes for work, eat or sleep.

In this case, the Harbor Bay Business Park is part of the master-planned Harbor Bay Isle development, which includes several hotels and restaurants. The EV charging services are provided in the parking lot of the Harbor Bay Business Park, located at 1151 Harbor Bay Parkway. What is at stake is allowing easy EV access on a 325 acre development that houses 100 companies dealing in technology research, development, support, software and hardware, professional sports, business services, engineering, telecommunications and biotechnology.


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