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Californian EV Market Shows Frst Signs of Maturity

This is a website about electric cars, and ever day there is more news about EVs on the market today or coming soon. That’s amazing, considering that barely six years ago, there wasn’t a single new electric car available in the United States. The first customers of the Tesla Roadster got their car in 2007, but it was a $100,000 car very few could afford. The Nissan LEAF, the first EV with mass-market appeal, followed three years later. It was the only one of its kind, but in 2013, there will be EVs in nearly every segment of the market.
Chevrolet Spark EV, it will be available later this year

The Chevrolet Spark EV will go on sale in 2013.

Want a compact? Check out the Nissan LEAF and Ford Focus Electric (and possibly the Coda). A city car? The Chevrolet Spark EV and the Fiat 500e will be available in a few months. Even smaller models exist, such as the Mitsubishi i and the Smart ED. The customer looking for a full size sedan will get a Tesla Model S, and there’s the Toyota RAV4 EV for those who want a SUV.


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