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Battery startup Leyden Energy raises $10M for its next-gen lithium ion batteries

There’s still some venture capital money out there for next-generation lithium ion batteries. Startup Leyden Energy has raised $10 million to continue to commercialize its tech for tablets and start-stop vehicle technology.
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After shifting its customer focus over the past year a bit, battery startup Leyden Energy announced on Wednesday that it’s closed a series C round of $10 million to continue to work on commercialization. The company was previously looking to sell its next-generation lithium ion batteries for e-bikes, electric vehicles, laptops and even the power grid, but is now more focused on tablets and start stop vehicle tech.

Leyden Energy was founded in 2007 (formerly called Mobius Power) with a patent acquired from chemical giant Dupont, and a $4.5 million investment from investors. Leyden’s original secret sauce is an innovation for the electrolyte part of the battery. A battery has a positive and a negative plate and then an electrolyte in between, which is the substance through which electrons transfer back and forth while the battery charges and discharges.


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