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Availability of the Accord Plug-In

No Compromises
The most amazing thing about the Accord Plug-In is that it never stops being an Accord. Meaning, you can enjoy the all fuel savings of driving a plug-in hybrid without sacrificing the Accord driving experience. And, some states grant EV drivers access to HOV (Carpool) lanes[1], even when they’re driving alone.
Electric Weekdays
If your daily commute is around 10 miles or less round trip, you could go to and from work each day without using a drop of gas. The Accord Plug-In has a [targeted] 10-mile all-electric range rating. Just recharge your vehicle each night, and you might be able to enjoy fuel-free weekdays.
Credits and Rebates
Uncle Sam is encouraging everyone to drive eco-responsibly. That’s why owners of a new Accord Plug-In are eligible for up to $2,500 in federal tax credits. And Californians who own the Accord Plug-In can apply for state tax rebates of up to $2,500 as well, through the CA Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
Sustainable Is Attainable
It’s a simple fact: One day, crude oil will dry up. That’s why Honda has been working on transportation solutions that reduce our use of and/or dependence on fossil fuels for decades. And with a comprehensive portfolio of environmental technologies, including hydrogen, battery electric, solar and natural gas, Honda is forging a path toward a sustainable future.

Two Motors, Three Ways to Drive
How did we make a car with hybrid efficiency and Accord performance? Our unique continuously variable transmission allows the Accord Plug-In’s powertrain to shift seamlessly among three driving modes, utilizing power from the i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine and the electric motor.
EV Drive
An all-electric drive. EV Drive is active when you start from a stop, when you’re doing light cruising and acceleration, and when you’re braking. Starting from a stop taxes your fuel supply, so we kept your starts 100% electric.
Hybrid Drive
Electric and gas working together. Hybrid Drive is generally active when you’re accelerating and changing speeds regularly. The electric motor gets you going, and the gas engine gives you the burst you need on the road.
Engine Drive
Gas-powered cruising. A cruising vehicle’s gas engine consumes a lot less fuel than it does when starting or accelerating. That’s why highway mpg is generally higher than city mpg. So when you cruise, your gas engine cruises efficiently.


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