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Audi R8 e-Tron Electric Car Back On Again: Report

As some manufacturers toy with bringing electric small cars and sedans to market, Audi is exploring the alternative side of electric propulsion with the R8 e-tron supercar.

The project was put on hold back in October 2012, pending “a complete review of the program”.

Now, it appears that plans are back on to develop the electric supercar, with Audi enthusiast website Fourtitude revealing further information on the R8 e-tron.

It appears that, while the project may have been subject to “review”, it wasn’t entirely halted–or at least, even if halted, Audi still had extra details on the car to reveal.

First and foremost, the car has gained some stylistic changes, echoing those on the current facelifted R8 production cars. A long rear diffuser and some body differences compared to the gasoline R8s improves the car’s drag coefficient significantly–0.27, down from 0.35.


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