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Wireless EV Charging Demonstrated For The Heck Of It

As the green car segment looks to new ways to bring more potential drivers into showrooms to consider purchases of vehicles like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, one strategy we are seeing with increasing presence is the idea of wireless charging. This methodology, which usually involves a modification to the car so it can receive energy from a wireless charger it parks over, was recently showcased in Utah for mass transit. Now comes word Momentum Dynamics (MD), founded in 2009 and based in Pennsylvania, has successfully charged a Volt using its wireless charging offering.

MD noted its wireless charger is capable of offering up more than 20,000 watts of power, which more than what’s provided by a regular, 240-volt Level 2 plug-in charger. The advantage here, the company points out, is that it allows for reduced charging times. In the case of this technology, in consists of a simple receiving pad installed on the underside of a vehicle, and a transmitting pad placed on, or embedded into the road surface.


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