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What Is The Chevy Spark EV Place In This Market

GM is betting a lot the Spark EV will find its market niche with urbanites and city dwellers. The car comes with an intelligent array of smartphone infotainment systems.

Much rides on the shoulders of the Chevy Spark EV. You can always tell when GM is betting big on something or launches a product that is important to the giant carmaker. The Spark EV seems to be very high on the priority list for both GM and its Chevrolet arm if the releases and the hype is anything to judge by. After all, the is GM’s first real all-electric car and it is destined so far for California, Oregon, Canada and South Korea.

The Spark EV. The Spark EV is not just a first iteration of what GM can do with the electricdrive. The electric car was developed originally for the Chinese market but after the seeing the low adoption numbers, GM intelligently decided to bring it here. And on paper, this is one great little electric vehicle, EV. As with any new EV versions, the ante is raised with each new EV that comes to the market.


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