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What I Learned From Driving the Mitsubishi Electric Car

Last weekend I drove the Mitsubishi iMiev around New York City, most notably up and down Park Avenue doing the rounds across Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

IMiev–an acronym for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle—is a five-door fully electric hatchback car. It has a mile-per-gallon equivalent of 112mpg, emits no CO2 and releases no exhaust fumes. And at roughly 2,500 pounds and half as long as, say, a long-wheelbase Maybach, it’s a dream to park in such space wastelands like Manhattan. (I was able to park directly in front of the Metropolitan Museum twice, thanks to such a diminutive stature.)

Inside the car feels surprisingly roomy—due no doubt in part to its four doors and high roofline–and comes with a radio, heat/cooling, heated seats, three driving modes and navigation. The “premium” package offers a rear camera to help fit into those tight parking spots.


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