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USA: Tucson tech: Rapid-charge facility for electric cars opens on I-10

December 11, 2012 12:00 am  •  David Wichner Arizona Daily Star

If you’re driving an electric car, the last thing you want to see is 30 miles left on your battery with 50 miles to go on your trip.

Now many electric motorists can put aside much of that “range anxiety” on trips from Tucson to Phoenix.

Last weekend, electric vehicle enthusiasts celebrated the installation of the first “fast charger” system just off Interstate 10 at Picacho Peak, allowing EVers with the right hookups to quickly juice up between Phoenix and the Old Pueblo.

The DC fast-charging system was part of a multilevel charging system installed by Mesa-based GOe3 at the Picacho Shell service station, on the east side of I-10 at Exit 219.

It’s the first public rapid-charging station in Southern Arizona, and the first to offer both Japanese standard and new American standard plug-ins.

So-called Level 3 electric vehicle fast-charge units can juice up an electric vehicle in 15 to 45 minutes, compared with Level 2 home and public charging units that take about eight hours to fully recharge.



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