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USA: State to Get Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Rhode Island plans to install at least 30 public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations next year.

The state Office of Energy Resources (OER) is directing the project to expand EV use across the state. Building EV charging stations, the OER says, will create jobs, reduce pollution and “accelerate Rhode Island’s transition to electrified transportation.” The charging stations are also part of a larger push to reduce petroleum consumption.

Currently, Rhode Island has six charging stations. Eighty percent of the planned charging stations are required to be in public locations. At least three must be on state property.

The notice of public bidding (pdf) for the project was announced soon after the state added EVs to its list of vehicles that can be bought by state agencies and municipalities.

Contractors have until Jan. 15 to submit proposals. The new stations must be built by Aug. 15.

“This is a fantastic development for the state,” said Scott Miller, vice president of ChargePoint, an electric vehicle charging station developer that plans to bid on the Rhode Island project. “Installing a public EV infrastructure has proven to lead to more EV sales in a particular area. Most EV drivers will charge at home, but they feel much more comfortable knowing there is a public charging infrastructure available to them.”

Funding from the federal American Resources and Recovery Act will pay for charging station equipment, wiring and construction costs. Charging equipment alone typically costs about $6,500.


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