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USA: Report: KC is charged up and ready for electric vehicles

The Kansas City area is prepared to meet the demand for power, study finds.

The Kansas City region is essentially prepared for electric vehicles, with sufficient public charging stations for the foreseeable future, a study released Tuesday said.

The vehicles also pose “no clear and present danger” to the electric grid, while the training of electricians to handle the charging infrastructure for the cars and trucks is already being done, according to the federally funded yearlong report prepared by Electrify Heartland, a planning project managed by the nonprofit Metropolitan Energy Center in Kansas City.

“We are proud to announce that our region is electric vehicle-ready,” said Kelly Gilbert, transportation director for the center.

The report included recommendations, including streamlining the permit approval process for charging stations. Another suggestion calls for adopting charging-station signs already approved by the Federal Highway Administration for two states. One sign shows a drawing of a retail gas pump with an electric cord and plug where the hose normally would have been.

One of the more intriguing recommendations: Don’t install the chargers and reserved parking spaces for electric vehicles in high-traffic areas of public parking lots.



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