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USA; Oregon Gets 10-Year Clean Energy Plan

Noting that energy is the issue of our time, Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber released a 10-year action plan to “shape our energy future through intentional investment and development,” rather than allowing it to shape us.

The comprehensive energy strategy is focused on cutting greenhouse gases, energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transportation.

It includes “specific initiatives that move the dial in the short term and can be scaled up over time.” It is also an economic action plan, he says, emphasizing priorities that put people to work on energy-related projects.

As in California, Oregon will meet all new electricity demands through energy efficiency, and will remove financial and regulatory barriers that get in the way of increasing renewable energy.

A new State Building Innovation Lab will conduct energy audits, establish baseline energy use and implement cost-effective retrofits for every state-owned building over the next 10 years, in four million square feet of office space.

Oregon ranks fourth in the nation in energy efficiency, allowing it to eliminate the need for 8-10 new power plants. New financing tools and rate changes will push this effort further.

Since 2007, renewable energy development has brought more than $5 billion in investments to Oregon, but there are barriers that must be eliminated: outdated and inadequate energy transmission and infrastructure; inefficient and disjointed local, state and federal regulatory processes; and limited public resources.


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