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USA: Energy Storage First on ARPA-E’s Funding List

image preview 300×162 Energy Storage First on ARPA E’s Funding ListARPA-E is allocating $130 million for 66 grants that will help innovative projects bring changes in energy storage. The largest grant was given to a company called PolyPlus Battery Company. Besides this the company also received $9 million from the DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office this summer.

The product that PolyPlus is planning to develop is an aqueous rechargeable lithium-sulfur battery with better density than the regular lithium batteries.

The Research associate at PolyPlus Battery, Thomas Conry, is convinced the project received funding because of the “aqueous” part in it. The non-aqueous Li-S batteries have not reached the commercial market due to numerous chemistry related obstacles. The team at PolyPlus Battery claims that they have the solution.

During the initial stages of the project, the company is focusing on developing a functional seawater battery as well as a rechargeable lithium air battery. As Corny states, the most important element of these is the ceramic membrane which is water-resistant, which allows lithium ions to move freely.


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