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USA: To Palo Alto Residents with EVs by “Arthur Keller”

Dear Palo Alto Resident,

We would like to invite you, as a member of one of our local
neighborhood associations, to participate in the innovative new Palo
Alto CustomerConnect Pilot Program, just authorized by your City
Council earlier this week.

Description of new pilot program:
This program is going to be a very small study with only a few
hundred participants, and we want you to be one of them. The goal of
this pilot program is to gauge participant reaction to advanced
meters and the informational tools that come with them. We want to
find out how satisfied you would be with how the technology works and
whether the information helps you find better ways to reduce your
energy and water use. Some of you will even be eligible to
participate in an optional Time-Of-Use rate as part of this pilot!

Benefits to participants include:

monitoring your energy and water use without having to wait for the
monthly bill
better understanding of which systems or appliances in your home
consume the most energy
possible detection of water leaks in your home
saving money on your Utilities bill by easily seeing when and how to
effectively modify usage
improved emergency response when CPAU can detect outages and restore
utility service faster

There will be no cost to you and the process is easy!
After going online to register for the program, you will receive a
confirmation email and be added to the short list of residents who
will receive these advanced meters. It takes time for the new meters
to be calibrated, installed at your home, tested etc. and so the
pilot program will not start until the summer of 2013. But we will
stay in touch with you all along the way, starting with a welcome
packet in January.

To be eligible for this CustomerConnect pilot you must:

Be a Palo Alto resident
Have an electric, gas AND water meters
Anticipate not moving out for at least two years
Be willing to complete a few quick surveys over the next two years
giving us your feedback

We are accepting registration for interested participants on a
first-come, first-served basis until December 21st, 2012. Please
or call 650-329-2241 for more information and to register as soon as


Lacey Lutes
on behalf of the CustomerConnect Team
City of Palo Alto Utilities
250 Hamilton Ave.
Source EAASV


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