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USA: 2002 RAV4-EV for sale

Updated 12/18/2012


Mike has a buyer for his RAV 4 EV.
If anyone on this list is also interested in getting one of these 2002 models, contact me privately.
They come up for sale from time to time and I can send you the info when they do.



Pohorsky@comcast. net

I have a RAV 4 EV and I also subscribe to the RAV 4 EV email list. These are great cars. Although they are already 10 years old, several LEAF owners who have driven both vehicles claim that the RAV 4 EV has better range. They also have a lot more room for cargo. After 10 years, they typically need to have the batteries replaced. I have had that done recently and now it drives like new again.

Another member of the RAV 4 EV list has also had his batteries replaced and is fortunate enough to have just taken delivery on his new Tesla Model S. So he is now selling his RAV 4 EV at a fraction of what the new 2012 RAV EVs are going for. His name is Mike Kobb and his email appears below with all the details. Mike lives in Belmont. Please contact him directly if you are interested in this great deal or know of someone else who would like to get a reliable EV for a very good price.




Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 12:37:10 -0800
From: Mike Kobb
Subject: [RAV4-EV] RAV4-EV for sale!
To: “RAV4-EV@… EV”

Greetings all!

It’s been ten wonderful years with my RAV4-EV, but I have taken delivery of my new car, and my RAV is now up for sale. I would prefer to sell the car privately via this list, so I’m posting it here before it goes to a wider market.

I am asking $15,995.

Key Details
It’s a 2002, which means that it has the heated windshield and heated seats.
It currently has about 122,000 miles on it.
The car has always been garaged.
Upholstery and interior are in good shape. I purchased new floor mats some time ago and had them embroidered to match the original mats.
The color is “Millennium Silver”.
I am the original owner.

Condition of the Battery
The pack was replaced at 95,000 miles by Battery MD, and it runs beautifully.
The car gets a reliable 80-100 miles of range on a charge.
I recently had the pack scanned by a fellow owner who has the Toyota scan tool. All module impedances are 7mOhm — the pack is in superb shape!

Upgrades and Enhancements
I had a very capable aftermarket stereo system installed, which greatly improves the sound quality in the car. It has 8 speakers (with front and rear high-mount tweeters) and a JL subwoofer, as well as a separate 6-channel a/d/s amplifier under the driver’s seat. The stereo unit (Alpine IDA-X100) is designed for use with an iPod/iPhone or other USB audio device, and also includes Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth hands-free calling.
I had an aftermarket alarm/keyless entry system installed, which is a nice convenience.
The charge capacitor was replaced with one of Michael Schwabe’s? by Michael!
I installed Michael Schwabe’s aftermarket cruise control system, which works well and is really nice to have, especially when trying to drive at a consistent speed to extend range.
As noted just above, there is a hands-free phone system installed, as part of the Alpine unit.
I have a nice ProClip cradle that is currently set up for an iPhone 4 but has replaceable cradles so you could use it with other devices. The slick thing is that it attaches entirely without modification to the car.
I have the RAV4 Info Palm Pilot application installed, with a Palm Vx mounted to the left of the steering wheel. This is nice information to have, although of course you could opt to remove it. The Palm is attached via a custom mount that slides into the little cubby below the mirror adjust switch. It can be quickly removed if you want to hide the Palm from view.

Maintenance and Repair History
It has been involved in one accident, in which I was rear-ended and pushed forward into the car in front of me. Damage was relatively minor (car was drivable afterwards without issue), and it was repaired by a great shop that had done other RAV4-EV work before. The car has been trouble free since that time (2004).
Recently, I had somebody break into the car via one of the small (fixed) rear windows. A glass shop replaced the glass. There was no other damage.
There’s a paint scrape on the left rear plastic bumper cover. Paint and body are otherwise in good shape, with a few nicks and dings as one might expect.
It has had regular checkups, and has needed almost no service during its lifetime. I did brake pads on it once to resolve a squeaking issue, and it has had, if memory serves, a shock absorber and a strut replaced. That’s just about it, besides tires and of course the pack replacement.
Tires have been recently replaced with Bridgestone Ecopias
At a recent service, I was told the car needs three wheel bearings. I will have that work done before selling the car if you like, or we can reduce the sale price to cover the cost of the work.

Also Included
The sale includes the original TAL charger, which has an L14-50 plug attached so that it can be used as a mobile charger. It has rarely been used as a portable, though (maybe a half-dozen times total).
Also included is a GM/Hughes “Gen 2+” charger that I bought intending to use it for portable use and leave the TAL at home. If you don’t want both chargers, we can negotiate a price reduction.
I have a spare paddle for the TAL because the original paddle developed a problem where it would only charge in one orientation. The current paddle is perfect, and I saved the old one because it at least worked in the one orientation.
I am including a Garmin n?vi portable GPS, with dashboard mount.

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please drop me a line! I had hoped to take photos today, but the weather precluded it.


Source EAASV


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