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UK: Council scouting locations for electric car charging points in North Hykeham

And they are keen to speak with developers about where other charging points could go. It is hoped the first point could be installed at a proposed new garage in Fen Lane.

Vehicles would be charged by roof-mounted solar panels. A rainwater harvesting system could also be included in the project, which could cost up to £85,000.

Wallace Lee, chairman of the environment committee, said: “Electric vehicles are expensive at the moment and they have a limited range but at some point that will change.

“I think it could take two or three years but we think it’s something we should be looking at now.

“Electric cars have benefits for the environment and stopping pollution, and there may be cost benefits when the price eventually goes down.

“They will become more numerous than they are now.”

Mr Wallace Lee believes the council is looking further ahead than most local authorities with assessing how cars will be charged in future.

And he added he hopes a charging point could be installed at Hykeham railway station as part of a proposed £5 million park-and-ride development.

Manufacturing giant Siemens already has a charging point at its base in Lincoln, where its vehicles and the University of Lincoln’s electric bus can fill up.

The company is also adding more facilities at its new small gas turbine servicing base at Teal Park in Whisby Road.


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