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Toyota Pursues Magnesium-Ion Batteries Due To Breakthrough

Toyota is now pursuing magnesium-ion battery technology because a breakthrough means that it can now be cheaper and more energy-dense, translating to longer than average range for electric vehicles that use them.

Image Credit: Nissan

Safety was not mentioned, but if they are as safe as lithium-ion batteries, that is surely acceptable.

The anode of these magnesium-ion batteries is made of tin, and they use the same electrolytes as lithium-ion batteries.

Magnesium-ion batteries are more energy dense because they have a positive charge of two, unlike one for lithium-ion batteries. Magnesium is an abundant material. This is also important to the sustainability and cost of the batteries. Lithium-ion car batteries usually cost $0.50 per Wh of energy storage capacity. It’s unclear yet what the cost of these magnesium-ion batteries is.

“The potential is definitely there,” Singh says. “There are some improvements we need to make to its performance, which we’ve addressed in the paper as well. But overall, we’re very excited.”

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