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The BMW i3 may make its way into your next Christmas holiday

All signs point to a production BMW i3 hitting the streets by next year. The model you’re looking at is the closest thing BMW has to a production model and, minus the Futurerama interior, this concept is driver-ready. The plexi/see through doors and concept-friendly exterior bits are replaced with more realistic components.

The BMW i3 has a 170 horsepower/125 kW motor that makes 184 lbs-feet of torque. This power is channeled through a one-speed transmission to the rear wheels as all of the running gear is in the back. The lithium-ion batteries are all mounted flat on the floor for a lower center of gravity.

With the BMW i3 weighing well under 3,000 lbs, it should be pretty damn fast – the way BMW (and Nathan) likes it.

Keep in mind: BMW has been playing with electric vehicles for years. Most recently, the MINI-E was leased to several lucky folks on the West Coast. BMW carefully monitored the reactions of the MINI-E users and will implement some of that research when the BMW i3 goes into production in about a year… hopefully.

BMW has not made any solid promises about a production date thus far.

From all of the concept vehicles, hints and statements BMW has thrown out there so far, it’s pretty obvious that the BMW i3 will be a line of vehicles, like the BMW 1-Series. A hatchback, coupe and (possibly) a convertible could be part of the i3 line. This is good news if it’s true folks.


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