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Tesla Motors’ solar-powered Superchargers take on the Mid-Atlantic

A Tesla SuperCharger PV EV charger mockupWhich comes first the chicken or the egg? The highway-ready electric vehicle (EV) or the power network that makes highway-distance travel possible. In Tesla Motors’ case it’s happening at the same time.

Earlier in 2012 Tesla Motors unveiled the first of its Supercharger photovoltaic-powered electric vehicle (EV) chargers specifically designed to fast charge its new Model S, and it’s future models—for free. When it unveiled its first chargers, however, they were all in California, allowing travel from northern California to Las Vegas. Now the company has introduced its first chargers on the eastern seaboard, allowing its customers with its larger-battery capacity Model S cars to travel from New York to Washington, D.C. for free—courtesy of the sun. Tesla is developing the chargers with SolarCity to produce slightly more electricity than they’re expected to use to help offset the cost of offering the free charging.

Now this means on both coasts, “There’s no meaningful difference between driving an electric car and driving a gasoline car,” said Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, when he unveiled the chargers in September. He also founded PayPal and the SpaceX company, which became the first privately held company to send cargo to the International Space Station in May 2012.
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