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Subaru Set to Enter the Hybrid Space in 2013

Subaru, long known for producing high-quality automobiles, has taken their time in introducing a hybrid vehicle, much to the consternation of their many faithful customers. For Subaru fans, the wait is over.

In 2013, Subaru will introduce their first hybrid vehicle, a 2014 model that has yet to be named, and will be available at a Philadelphia auto mall near you. While all the information hasn’t been released, there are some details that can logically be assumed. Most likely, the vehicle will be an all-wheel-drive based on the Legacy, incorporating a gasoline-electric powertrain patterned after Subaru’s 2.0-liter flat-4 engine. It’s expected that the vehicle will contain a mild hybrid system, so all-electric operation will not be possible, similar to the Honda hybrid, at least according to early reports.

It’s unknown if the mid-size sedan will first be released in the U.S or in a different market, but those details should be available soon. There are two possible directions Subaru might take with the hybrid. One possibility is they might take one of their lower-mileage vehicles and incorporate a hybrid system into it, or they could utilize one of their more fuel-efficient vehicles and further boost the mileage, say professionals at Wilmington car dealerships.

To consider one example, highway mileage for the 2012 Subaru Impreza is 36 miles per gallon. By adding a hybrid system, the mileage could be increased even further. How much further a hybrid system can boost mileage in a vehicle currently getting great mileage, already increased from the 2011 model, remains to be seen.

Experts at several Wilmington car dealerships and Philadelphia auto malls point out that Subaru will not be using the existing Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system even though Toyota now owns a share of Subaru’s parent company. The company has steadfastly offered what few, or no other carmakers offer and seem determined to remain autonomous.

This autonomy is not surprising, considering some of the things that make Subaru stand out in the first place. For example, Subaru features engines that are horizontally opposed “boxer” engines. This style of engine, sometimes referred to as a flat engine, provides a center of gravity that is lower, therefore providing greater stability and control. It’s also illustrated in their incorporation of four-wheel-drive across-the-board.

This is all the result to Subaru’s adherence to their philosophy that the driver should always be in control, achieved through the interaction and contribution of several dynamic features, including performance, increased traction and their dedication to safety engineering.

Furthermore, this has been proven repeatedly in the harsh conditions of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championships. According to Philadelphia auto mall experts, Subaru’s philosophy means every driver’s intent is directly transitioned into action with vehicles that respond exactly how the driver wants and expects.

The same response, features, and commitment to safety are what have Subaru fans and automotive experts at Wilmington car dealerships so excited to drive the new hybrid. As more details regarding Subaru’s 2014 hybrid emerge, that excitement will only build.
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